A kyrtyll or Kirtle is worn as a petticoat there are many spellings of this garment.  Makes research interesting.

kirtle  kirtill kiyrtells   kirtell   kerttyl   kyrtells   kyrtell   kertelle   kertell   cirtell   kirtles   kyrtill    kyrtel   kyrtels   kyrtelles   kyrtle   kyrtles   kyrtyll


This is the layer that is worn after the smock.  It is distinguished from the petticoat bacause it has a pair of bodies attached to it.

Gift to Queen Elizabeth

1577: Wardrobe Warrant for April 12th, ER 19 Item for making of a rounde kyrtle of the frenche facion of white satten cutt allover with an edge of like satten, with a lase of venice golde and silver pirle being taken from another kyrtle and the sarceonett to lyne it also savinge a pformaunce of sarceonett to lyne the border of the same kyrtle of our greate Guarderobe Citation Year :  1577 ...  --1577: Wardrobe Warrant for April 12th, ER 19 (1577)

By the Countes of Oxford, a foreparte of a kyrtyll of white satten enbrawdred with flowers of silver, and two borders of golde and sede perle enbrawdred upon black vellat.

Delivered to the foresaid Rauf Hoope.

MADE FOR ME: kyrtell   This is so beautiful!!

So today I purchased 40 Ouches antique gold with ruby and jet for this krytle. Plenty to go around the neckline and over the shoulders

Materials  I can make this out of linen or a wool gaberdine

   So I took the measurments from the red krytle and made a brown one. This has worked very well at Events. Brown Wool Krytle Page

Goes well with the wool jacket that I was gifted as well.


  This garment has not changed much since Henry VIII time perhaps before.
  Red Linen Krytle Page
   Brown Flocked Krytle Page





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