OK I've made a ren-fair dress and it worked fine, but I want something more upper class.  I'm not sure I'm ready for a noble gown.  I found this material and I want to use it.

March 2015 I am ready to have a Nobel Gown made from the finest materials and jewels. I need to find exactly what style of want to make is the problem.

This material will make great sleeves.  I have 3 3/4 yrds of this gauze.

I also have 10 yds. of red velveteen

This may be too much for my talents but something along these lines.  A late period piece 1574 is the year of this painting.



I bought a better pattern from Margo Anderson:  Her historical patterns are easy to follow and accurate vs the Simplicity pattern.





Silk Kirytle This is the undergarment



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